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Retirement Plans 

An Employee Perspective

401(k) plan costs make them unattractive!

Take a look at what the total costs are when enrolled in a 401k plan.

Once your calculate the expense over your lifetime, you may want to look for an efficient alternative!

401k Cost Primer

Your Options when you leave a company.

You have multiple options to choose from when leaving a company on what to do with your former company's 401k plan.

Discover your options.

401k Options Post Company

Investment Returns During Retirement

Do the returns during retirement make a difference in your quality of life?  You Better believe it!

What we are speaking of is called 'sequence of returns.' During times when funds are added or at minimum no withdrawals are taken, as long as the average annual returns are the same, you will end with the same amount of funds.

Once you begin taking funds, the story can be quite different!

Sequence Illustration

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