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401(k) Plans

A Business Perspective

Why are 401k plans so popular?

The 401k has been around for almosty 40 years.  It came about from an interpretation of a law made in the late 1970s and NOT the result of any strategic planning by government or business.

It has become widely popular across the business landscape - from one owner situations to businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees.

The Beginning of the 401(k)

Risks are an inherent part of business activity - this includes 401(k) sponsorship.

10 Things Plan Sponsors Do Wrong

Plan Sponsors are fiduciaries, meaning they are responsible for executing the administration of a 401k properly.

10 Things


Liability Pitfalls

What are 10 common liability pitfalls encountered by the plan sponsor (company)?


Employees are inactive in managing their portfolio.


A Mock Conversation with the DOL - ERISA

How a plan sponsor can easily go wrong, even with the right intent.

Mock Conversation

Who's Responsible?

Many company executives have the belief that 'others' are responsible for decisions made regarding the company 401k.

Who has what responsibility.

Who's Responsible

Employees have soft reasons for not participating.

401k Fiduciary Burden

Gain insight into the hidden dangers of being a 401(k) plan sponsor.

FIDuciary Burden

Why NOT Just ANY Retirement Plan

A poor plan design can make it difficult, expensive and maybe even impossible for a 401k plan to achieve the goals desired by management.

401k Design

Most employees haven't calculated / created a retirement target / goal.

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