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Social Security and Medicare

Social Security

When it comes to Social Security (SS), will you be seeking the optimum time to start collecting your benefits.

Claiming Social Security before or after full retirement age results in PERMANENT losses or gains in your benefit. 

If married, you and your spouse have timing options from age 62 to age 70 to claim SS benefits. 

How many total options is that?  9 x 9 = 81 !!!

Learn More About Social Security

A Primer on Medicare

As one nears the age of 65, it's likely you will get bombarded with mailings regarding Medicare.  Trying to sort through all the material can be a frustrating task.  What you really want is to know how to get the medical insurance coverage you desire.

While not a magical wand, the attached 2 page document presents Medicare and options in a straight forward manner.

Medicare Primer

Value of Social Security Benefits

Social Security can provide a lot more income than people often believe.  

Many people start claiming their Social Security benefit soon after they are eligible. Is that a wise decision?  That depends on how long you live.  None of us has that answer!

Read an  example of how much a well designed retirement income strategy can bring from social security.

Value of Smart SS Withdrawals

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