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Good Things to Know

Power of Compounding

Compounding is a powerful strategy to employ when it comes to building value.  Many of us put off until 'tomorrow' what, if we knew better, we would do today.

Here's an example that may make many of us re-think our daily habits.


Mathematical vs Annual Average

When reading about an investment, often you will be presented with a calculation to provide you with a statistical average of the investments performance.  There is a critical difference between a mathematical average and an annual average. Click below to see a brief write up on the difference.


College Financing and FAFSA

Have you had the opportunity to read the Department of Education FAFSA guide?  If you did, you may have stopped trying to understand what it meant for your family when it came to federal aid for your child's college education. Not to worry, below is a brief primer on how to manage your assets and its impact on FAFSA.


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