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Retirement Planning is a journey. Along the way you will encounter forks in the road, times where you have to move fast, times where you have to slow down, roadblocks, and setbacks. An important aspect of this journey is naturally the vehicle, in other words the types of retirement planning strategies that will take you to your goals.

Driving your own car is one option for do-it-yourself retirement planning. You are responsible for all aspects of your trip and the vehicle which transports you. You are directly investing in stocks and bonds based on your knowledge and research of the marketplace. This vehicle is risky and more work; you have to pay close attention to each of your investments. Since you are the driver, you cannot allow any distractions. Taking your eyes off any of your investments can cause your portfolio to crash! If you make a wrong turn, run into a detour or have a flat tire, you are responsible for getting yourself back on track. While driving yourself provides the most flexibility and control, it also involves a high level of responsibility.

Taking the bus is another option. You are effectively outsourcing your retirement plan’s research and execution. You have banded together with other travelers to combine resources to hire a professional driver that will take the group in a large vehicle to their destination. In this case the bus is a mutual fund and the driver is the mutual fund manager. This method reduces the overall burden of managing the trip, so  you can focus on doing the things you enjoy while riding. Where driving your portfolio yourself is risky, risk is reduced when traveling in groups. A professional driver (the fund manager) is the expert at dodging potholes (negative news events), taking the best detours (economic changes), and dealing with engine trouble (market downturns).

The final method is a Limo. Why not ride through retirement planning in style? Limos offer the benefit of a driver without the hassle of traveling in big groups like a bus. This option offers customization and a level of diversification by integrating multiple investment products and asset classes. More options are at your disposal to customize the ride (portfolio construction). There is more control over how the driver performs his duties such as having the driver slow down (rebalance), pull over (tax harvesting) or take a different route (include/exclude select securities, social categories or asset classes). The limo operates on your schedule, shows up on time and where you want it.

Which is the best way to travel? Well that depends on your goals, how fast you want to get there, and your comfort level. When it comes to Retirement Planning in Charlotte, North Carolina, Franklin Chase Financial can help you choose the vehicle that best fits you. To learn more, contact Michael Turner at Franklin Chase Financial.

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