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Business Case Studies

Young Business Situation

You are an owner of a very young business.  Your business is profitable and has a good future for growth. You currently have some financial product in place, however, you are unsure if these are what you need, if they are cost-effective and really need assistance on what to do for the future.  You had retirement funds but used them to provide equity for this start-up and need to establish a retirement funding program.

What do you do?  Here's a case study of one such situation and a workable solution for the owner. 

Young Business

Early Stage Business

So you're in your 30s , have a good business operating, but excess cash flow is limited.

You have a gnawing thought that you try to avoid but it keeps popping up in your mind when you have a calm couple of moments.  You know that you should start thinking longer term, salting away some funds for retirement and even thinking about an exit strategy from the business.

Here's a real life scenario!

Early Stage

Mid-Stage Business

You've run a successful business for a good number of years.  You were smart and salted money into a retirement plan when the business started and you expect to net a sizeable amount on the sale of the business.

You're 50 years old, want to do some more entrepreneurial things for the next 10 years but don't want to think at all about your retirement for the next decade.

Your desire is to put a plan in place NOW for your retirement at age 60. Here's a potential solution!


Late Stage Business

You're done working, you've put away a good amount into retirement and have just sold the business.

You're concerned about what to do with the proceeds of the business and how to ensure your funds will last.

Your experience has been about building an asset base, but are unsure how to execute a strategy that is depleting the investment base.

What should you do?   Here's a suggested solution! 

Late Stage

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