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Meet the Founder

Michael Turner Photo

Michael Turner


Michael Turner is the founder of Franklin Chase Financial.

Michael has over 30 years of experience, consisting of:

  • Over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in start-up, acquisition and development of small businesses.
  • More than a decade of corporate management experience in Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 organizations, in operations and finance.
  • His MBA was earned at night school, providing the opportunity to place the theoretical into practice immediately.  The MBA was awarded from UT San Antonio, which is the first MBA program to be certified in its first year of eligibility.
  • He has testified in Federal court as an expert witness in a fraud trial in Dallas, TX.
  • He has been quoted in Idiot's Guide to Social Security
  • Written up in the Wall Street Journal - November 28, 2014 - Using Insurance to Reduce a Couple's Taxes

Michael has served on his HOA Board of Directors, has been Cub Scout and Boy Scout den leader and administration volunteer, and performs photography projects at his church.

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